About Our Business

BioPharma Data Services was established in 2005 to provide
contract and consulting services to help the Pharmaceutical and
Biotechnology Industries accelerate their drug development. We
specialize in Clinical trials and currently provide SAS programming
and analytical services to Phases I-IV. We are constantly seeking to
add more services to support our mission below.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality service at the best price to accelerate
the process of drug development.

Our People

Our personnel are well qualified to carry out our mission. Our  
Principal Consultant is a PhD holder and is well respected in the
SAS community:

  • Invited Speaker at SAS Users Group International (SUGI).

  • A well recognized speaker at SAS User group forums.

  • Over 19 years of SAS Programming and Statistical Analysis.

  • 9 years in the Pharmaceutical business with a commitment
    to delivering on time.

We are planning to add more services, so please be sure to
bookmark this page and check back later even if our mentioned list
of services do not meet your current demands. We make every
effort to keep this page current but it is worth contacting us for any
of your needs by
clicking here or sending an email directly from
your favorite email client to info@biopharmadataservices.com with
your contact details. We will get back to you within 24 hours with an
answer about how best we can help you.
BioPharma Data Services